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Now THAT is a headline sure to get your attention!

Bobby and Lydia here, and we’ve decided that while watching figure skating is awesome, watching figure skating and drinking is SUPER AWESOME.  Which is why we’ve developed this wonderful, magical, drunktacular Grand Prix of Figure Skating Drinking Game!

Basic premise?  Watch and imbibe.  (legal blah blah blah drinking is bad blah blah blah must be 21 or over blah blah blah)

THE RULES, after the jump!

  1. When Evan Lysacek’s groin is mentioned… DRINK
  2. If Johnny Weir is called “outspoken,” “flamboyant,” or “dramatic”… DRINK
  3. If a Japanese man is compared to Daisuke Takahashi… DRINK
  4. If a commentator notes that Virtue and Moir/Davis and White/the Shibutanis/etc all train together… DRINK
  5. If Rachel Flatt’s sub-par skating is glossed over to talk about how she is a STUDENT at STANFORD! … DRINK
  6. If Jeremy Abbot skates clean… DRINK
  7. If Alissa Czisny skates a clean program… DRINK until her scores are read
  8. If Patrick Chan is overscored… DRINK
  9. If ANYONE skates to “Requiem for a Dream”, “Concerto de Arjuaniez”, or “Swan Lake”… DRINK
  10. If Johnny Weir’s marriage to his husband is mentioned… DRINK to celebrate while also doing a high kick and/or listening to Lady Gaga
  11. If a pairs team attempts something that is clearly too hard for them and messes up… DRINK while cringing.
Drink safe, make sure to figure out who your Designated Zamboni Driver is before you play, and have fun!!!

(PS: Bobby and Lydia are super jealous that Johnny bagged a hot Jewish Russian lawyer. Does he have brothers?)
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    "8. If Patrick Chan is overscored… DRINK” You would die before the Grand Prix is over.
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    Is it bad I want to expand on this/create a more complicated game?
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